Writer, Technical Communicator, Digital Content Creator


I'm also co-producing an e-zine and website devoted to independent authors and publishers: ePublish Yourself!

Researching and writing, white papers and technical perspectives has always been a large part of my business, as detailed in my résumé.  Recent projects also include video scriptwriting, corporate messaging, and technology perspectives.

Lightspeed Illuminati is my blog site that features articles on audiobook development, digital content creation, epublishing trends, and related topics of interest.

Another area of interest is photographing landscapes and landmarks throughout the New England area, using both digital and traditional photography.

My primary business, Lightspeed Publishing LLC, is a B2B technical communications service based in Vermont that has been active for over 20 years.

Storybits (storybits.works) is a site I'm in the process of developing to support short fiction and other short-form content.

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